Monday, January 26, 2009

Systems Theory on Wikipedia

Maybe if I had a degree in Systems Theory, I'd be able to know what we (society) know about mapping systems.

Although, as I read the Wikipedia article (linked above), they seem to still be doing actors-objects, just large groups of them.  True?  Not so much relation-of-relations or all-verb kind of thing. Or is there that kind of thing in Systems Theory?

Anyone want to call a professor?


Alan Rosenblith said...

While I certainly am not a professor in systems theory, I can recommend some great books that explain some of the basics: Fritjof Capra's "The Web of Life", and Jeffrey Satinover's "The Quantum Brain" are probably my two favorites.

Alan Rosenblith said...

One other thing to add about systems theory: so far the science of systems theory has been very LOWER RIGHT in its terms, mapping the externals of how subjects / containers / accounts interact. I think the internals of subjects are kind of out of bounds. Of course, when we deal with human systems in the noosphere, we have to take into account meaning as well as external measurable phenomena. I think this is where the flow language might be a departure from the usual system theory approach. The flow language can take into account the LOWER LEFT.